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What information do we know about the 5th album so far?


  • According to Taylor “it’s very different” (x)
  • Taylor on writing for her 5th album on Capital FM- "There is so much thats happened in the last year and a half for me to draw inspiration from that it’s really gonna be very interesting." (x)
  • Taylor on her 5th album - “I don’t think too much about, ‘We need more down tempo. We need more up tempo, we need more mid-tempo on the record,’ Because to me, that seems a little scientific. I just want to make an album that’s well-rounded emotionally. Is it a sad record? Is it a happy record? Is it a mixture of all emotions? Thankfully, I think that’s what this record is: it’s a mixture of all the emotions that go along with the ups and downs of a relationship” (x)
  • Taylor talking about the 5th album at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - “I think the goal for the next album is to continue to change, and never change in the same way twice. How do I write these figurative diary entries in ways that I’ve never written them before and to a sonic backdrop that I’ve never explored before? It’s my fifth album, which is crazy to think about, but I think what I’m noticing about it so far is it’s definitely taking a different turn than anything I’ve done before.” (x)
  • Taylor on album 5 - "With this album, I’m not trying to open up a new chapter; I’m trying to start a completely new book." (x)
  • Scott Borchetta on album 5 "Well earlier today we got together and she played me seven new songs, and she’s just on fire. The level of desire and passion that she has just to keep getting better, she’s an artist that just really never wants to just say ‘Well okay this is good enough’. It’s always gotta be better. She’s in amazing creative place right now." (x)
  • Taylor wrote a song with Diane Warren, Diane said it’s a "great song" (x
  • Taylor wrote a song with Ryan Tedder "I did a little stuff with Taylor, who’s probably the fastest songwriter I ever met in my life. I can go on record saying that Taylor is genuinely the quickest songwriter I’ve ever- for anyone who doubts it she writes her own stuff. Any idea and you’re like “Yeah I don’t know if I like that lyric” and she’ll have three options, replaced within 10 seconds, she’s like bam bam bam. She’s bit of a prodigy, bit of a songwriting prodigy." (x)
  • According to Scott Borchetta Taylor worked with Max Martin and he said the album will be more POP. (x)
  • Taylor also worked again with Johan Shellback (x)
  • Mama Swift said to a fan how Taylor’s new music is "un-real, she can’t even explain how amazing it is and how excited they are" (x)
  • She did not collaborate again with Ed or Gary Lightbody.
  • Ed Sheeran said “I’ve heard most of the new record which is pretty, pretty good. Very, very good. The standard just keeps getting raised. When you hear how good the songs are on the last record and then you hear these ones… It’s weird, she’s just growing as a songwriter, I guess.” (x)
  • Ed Sheeran also said “It’s really fucking good. She’s stepped up her game.” (x)
  • Scott Swift said the album will come out October
  • Scott Swift said to a fan “Album five is so good that not one song from Red would make it on to the tracklist” (x)
  • Taylor said recently "it’s already my favourite thing that I’ve ever created"
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Meet the Swifts…

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Taylor Swift + her cats

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Taylor Swift out and about in New York - June 18, 2014

Taylor Swift out and about in New York - June 18, 2014

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"Antonoff’s best letter of recommendation, though, is his ongoing collaboration with Taylor Swift. They met at the 2012 Europe Music Awards and became friends through the award-show-and-festival circuit. The “mainstream sector” of musicians isn’t very big, Antonoff says. “You start seeing people around. And, you know, it’s music. It’s not like everyone’s awesome. It’s not like a group of teachers. So it’s pretty easy to tell who’s garbage and who’s not right away, and most people suck, to be honest, or they’re just really wrapped up in what’s going on with themselves. And Taylor’s truly the nicest, most interesting person that I’ve met in that circle.” While hanging out at Swift’s house in Rhode Island, they bonded over their mutual love of a particular snare drum from a Fine Young Cannibals song. That became the inspiration for “Sweeter Than Fiction,” which they wrote by emailing ideas back and forth. “I think she’s a modern Joni Mitchell, I really do,” he says."
Jack Antonoff on Taylor Swift x (via redprincess)
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